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  • SQ OPS Barn (New)

  • Costello (New)

  • Mufarrah (New)

  • Mueller

  • Fonstad

  • Pellesier

  • La Pastaia

  • Orsi

  • Goldsmith

  • Quinn

  • Mount & Stoelker

  • Sheppard

  • Freidman

  • Foster

  • Sermersheim

  • Van Den Hueval






























            Overlooking the picturesque San Francisco Bay, this project reflects the challenge of
       developing two Single Family Dwellings on a small lot in the Millbrae, California foothills.
       Both of the homes were individually designed and built utilizing ICF - Integrated Concrete
       Form - utilizing100% recycled Polystyrene.

          Great care was taken during the construction process to keep the one lane road accessible
      to the neighbors. In keeping with our commitment to sustainability, the soils that were required
      to be removed during the course of construction were either reused or sent to a local infill
      project 20 miles away. Additionally, each of the unique homes is equipped with Solar Radiant
      Heated Flooring and domestic hot water along with Solar PV Electric Systems. The highly
      insulated ICF construction and passive solar design were used whenever possible for the most
      energy efficiency.




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