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    Nestled in he Santa Cruz Mountains, the Mueller residence showcases sustainable building that compliments the beauty of the natural environment.  Built by EcoStruction in 2008, the unique eco-friendly designed structure contains no industrial paints; utilizing instead, the integral color embedded in the interior earthen plasters and the exterior Papercrete stucco.  The emphasis on natural design continues throughout the residence with locally harvested and/or salvaged woods, concrete counter tops finished with beeswax and hand-sculpted bathtubs and showers.

       Working closely with the owner,
    has eliminated the natural gas/propane dependence by installing an electric "on demand" boiler for the internal Radiant Heat.  The system is further enhanced by a high thermal mass slab with southern exposure.  The Solar PV system with its electric heating elements and energy efficient appliances is designed for an annual "net zero" utility bill.


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