• Pellegrini (New)

  • Sei Querce (New)

  • SQ OPS Barn (New)

  • Costello (New)

  • Mufarrah (New)

  • Mueller

  • Fonstad

  • Pellesier

  • La Pastaia

  • Orsi

  • Goldsmith

  • Quinn

  • Mount & Stoelker

  • Sheppard

  • Freidman

  • Foster

  • Sermersheim

  • Van Den Hueval































    For the Sermershiem's major remodel, the needs of their large extended family were foremost.  The interior portion of the house was renovated by integrating conventional building with green remodeling techniques. 

    In the living room, we worked in conjunction with the entire family to create a design that offers an opportunity for each member to share the unique space, bringing continuity to their lifestyle.  The bedroom unit combines the organizational needs of the family with their appreciation of fine woods.



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