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  • Costello (New)

  • Mufarrah (New)

  • Mueller

  • Fonstad

  • Pellesier

  • La Pastaia

  • Orsi

  • Goldsmith

  • Quinn

  • Mount & Stoelker

  • Sheppard

  • Freidman

  • Foster

  • Sermersheim

  • Van Den Hueval






























    The mild weather and casual ambiance of Santa Cruz, California requires special design consideration to capture the free-spirited nature of the seaside location.  In designing and building an enclosure for the Sheppard residence,  EcoStruction considered both the need for privacy by the residents and creating a welcome street level presence reflective of the sunny neighborhood.  Choosing farmed redwood to frame the mission-style house, the EcoStruction team combined both needs and added the hand-carved address over the entrance to reflect the personality of the owners.


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